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Showrooms and sales rooms flatpack container


Name of Project:Showroom 
Location:in factory
In order to directly present SHS modular systems to our customers, we spent USD50,000 on our showrooms and named as SHS parvilion. There are two levels, the bottom of which mainly shows the combination ways of SHS’s modular untis and the materials used to manufacture them; the top level focus on the showcases of SHS’s modular ideas & innovations. 
Ground floor: The ground floor shows samples of double-bed room, VIP room, sanitary room, partitioned corridor, 16’ corridor and internal steel stairways/ And the materials adopted vary from electrics and windows of various standards, different colored external walls and internal partitions, sanitary plumbing fixtures, double glazed door and so on. It’s definite that SHS is a perfect option for oil and mining camp solutions.
First floor: On this level sits one 30’ unit which shows the way of space extension. Elegant internal decorations make us feel it’s not a modular building but a fashionable living and dining house full of Northern Europe features. Speaking of this house, some of our clients say that it is unbelievable as few people would think of such high level modular applications. This level SHS shows to all the customers the modular building system trends.
Since the parvilion was built up, SHS has received thousands of customers here. The customers, either from the developed area such as Europe, North America and Australia, or from the developing areas such as Africa, have all given sincerely positive. 

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