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Conversion Container

  • Structure: complete container or container frame
  • Size: 20'GP, 20'HC, 40'GP, 40'HC 
  • Other sizes: customized
  • Type: Brand new or Second hand
  • Assembly: Completely prefabricated prior to delivery
  • Modular building: 10 floors stackable


A Modified Container House comes from ISO marine container or frame system, given with extra advantages to serve a wider range of industries, from civilized use to military use, from low rise building to medium rise building, as accommodation container, office container, sanitary container, kitchen container, laundry container, generator container, storage container, mechanical container and freezer etc, in accordance with customers’ design and regional requirements, varied from rainy tropical area to the extremely cold area, with suitable insulation materials, includes but not limited to materials for panels, insulation, floor and ceiling, electrics, doors and windows.  

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