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Flat Pack Container

  • Single cabin
  • Standard size: 20ft x 8ft
  • Other sizes: 20ft x 10ft, 10ft x 8ft, 16ft x 8ft, 24ft x 8ft, 30ft x 8ft
  • Pre-welded frame & Complete module kit
  • Easy moveable with forklift
  • Modular building: 3 floors stackable 

Smart Big Flat

FLATPACK CONTAINER can be disassembled. 4 FLATPACK CABIN can be combined to one bundle, the bundle size is same as 20' ISO shipping container, It can be transported or handled by all standard equipment.

All In One Package Inland Transportation Ocean Freight
One flatpack cabin consists of one roof, one floor, Forklift holes are alternative on the cabin beams, With standard ISO shipping container corner
four corner posts, all wall panels including doors & usually sized at 90mm x 256mm casts, and our flatpacks are easy for transportation
windows panels, and all components associated which facilitates on-site movements of the cabins and crane lifts during the shipment.
in the room, which are prefabricated, packed

and shipped out together and makes up one

container house

 √ Standard Equipment Required  
 √ Up to 75% Freight Cost Saving

 √ Standard Truck  
 √ Obey Intermodel Standard

 √ Standard Forklift 

Fast Installation & Flexible Combination

Up to 50% time saving on construction over traditional building techniques. Installation of a single cabin can be undertaken by only two skilled workers.

Excellent Performance

Cabins can be linked together to make more space both horizontally and vertically. Internal wall panels can be removed and relocated at the clients’ discretion to make flexible space.

                             Insulation                             Strong                Recyclable and reusable

Good thermal insulation available  3 levels stackable Green material can be recycled and reused
360 degree perfect insulation Load capacity can be 200KN/M2 - 500KN/M2 Long service life
Fire rated components
Energy saving

Various Usage


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