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PNG LGN modular camp


Name of Project:Project in Papua New Guinea 
Location:Papua New Guinea
Functions: Senior accommodation,Junior accommodation,Worker accommodation,Sanitary cabin,Office building,Dining room,Kitchen,Gym recreation room,Guard room,Whole camp solution

Descriptions: The PNG LNG project is comprised of several multi-story accommodation blocks,which can facilitate over 1000 men and is over 15,000 sqm under roof. The accommodation blocks in the main camp include senior management, junior management and workers style accommodation. In addition, a kitchen/mess facility, medical facility, site office, machinery zone warehouse, gymnasium, laundry facility and numerous recreation facilities have been provided amongst other structures.Modular buildings of SHS are the ideal solution for large construction site camp solution. Thanks to its flexibility, the standard modular system ensures that all the requirements from clients can be met within an extremely tight time schedule. Eventually all modular buildings were completed within time schedule from receiving order confirmation from the client. Even though the modular system was altered several times at the construction site, but nothing delayed with such a quick and easy modular building system. 

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