Internal design concept of container office


Container office space design is a creative office space decoration with almost no stylized structure, leaving a deep impression on visitors with a strongly conceptualized experience. The innovative design of the office increases the visibility, transparency, and accessibility of the entire office space. The container office also adheres to the concept of sustainable development.

The new construction method integrates various advanced materials, processes, and technologies into the factory in advance, and then prefabricates them in the factory. The processed components are transported to the site for assembly, which is less affected by the climate, operates without humidity, has low noise, and has less dust and waste. Therefore, it is called a container house. As a representative of green buildings, container offices have eliminated the environmental damage and impact of concrete buildings in the production of bricks, tiles, lime sand and other building materials. Construction waste and construction noise are also minimized, with high seismic performance, easy reconstruction and demolition, and high material recycling and reuse rates. They are a new green industry that promotes harmonious and sustainable development between humans and nature. The construction of container offices has played a role in energy conservation and land conservation. The residential system is the future direction of residential construction in China, and the development of container houses is an effective way to solve high energy consumption buildings, which is beneficial for environmental protection and human future survival. The emergence of green building materials and energy-saving facilities maximizes the use of effective space, while implementing factory production, Promoting the industrialization of container office construction has broad market development prospects.

Energy conservation, land conservation, water conservation, and material conservation are all very important issues in the housing construction system. They not only relate to the gradual consumption of housing energy, but also involve the rational utilization of limited resources on Earth. The container office has been vigorously promoted in the energy-saving and land saving action, and its social and economic benefits have a positive impact on the utilization of Earth's resources.

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