Maintenance of Container House

Everyone should be familiar with houses because we stay with them every day. Nowadays, there are many types of houses in society, and each type of method has its own unique characteristics. Therefore, the maintenance and upkeep of houses in daily life are also different. In fact, prefabricated houses are smooth and easy to clean when dirty. Wiping or rinsing with water can solve the problem, while other aspects of maintenance need to be noted, the prefabricated house will be reused multiple times, and the better the maintenance, the longer the use time, and relatively safer. However, are you clear about the maintenance and upkeep of container house?

The container adopts a light steel structure system, with composite mineral wall panels covering the walls, etc. Of course, its walls can be various, but generally there is a light steel structure system, and anti-corrosion and rust prevention should be done. It is best to paint it every few years to prevent corrosion, which not only makes it more beautiful but also protects the house. Additionally, the wall waterproofing measures are also taken, although they were particularly well done when building the house, However, in order to prevent aging, it is best to regularly check the waterproof facilities and circuit issues of the house, which not only ensures safety but also protects the moisture-proof function of the house.

The prefabricated house is connected to the entire steel structure, and users arrange electrical lighting equipment. Wires cannot be indirectly tied to the steel structure, but should be equipped with conduit or trunking isolation devices to prevent electric shock.

After the installation of the prefabricated house is completed, users are not allowed to modify the structure without permission, nor to assemble any bolt components, nor to add or add partition walls. If changes are necessary, they should negotiate and coordinate with the corresponding factory to make changes.

Every time you come to the house, you must cut off all the power supply to avoid unexpected incidents. Do not use high-power appliances, illegal appliances, or use a prefabricated house as a kitchen.

Due to the fact that the basic structure of residential containers is steel, rust removal work is very important. Regular rust removal and painting work should be carried out on steel materials, and light steel structural components should be painted once every 1-2 years to maintain elegance and make the prefabricated house colorful.

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