Container Housing leads a new Low-Carbon lifestyle proposition

The main low-carbon and environmentally friendly building concept and container lifestyle have quietly entered our lives, which may trigger a "accommodation revolution" in the Chinese construction industry in the near future.

Compared with traditional construction methods, due to the adoption of the 'factory manufacturing+on-site installation' model, container houses can reduce construction water consumption, concrete loss by about 60%, construction waste and decoration waste by about 70%, save energy by half, and improve overall production efficiency by about two to three times. The container lifestyle has brought a new approach for people who are increasingly aware of the scarcity of resources on the Earth and the increasing awareness of low-carbon environmental protection.

The characteristics of container houses are modular integrated systems, short construction cycles, high efficiency, and minimal environmental impact. When used, there is a low requirement for supporting facilities, which can be built on various geological conditions and foundations. Convenient configuration of power and water circulation systems can quickly become independent living and working systems. The modular integration efficiency and humanized design concept of container building have significant advantages, which are more in line with the needs of urban construction and development.

The derivative buildings of containers are installed quickly, can be pre designed, have short construction periods, and have low transportation costs. Their utilization abroad has already formed a mature industrial chain, and mobile hotels, cafes, and shops transformed from containers can often be seen on the streets. In the Dun Olympic Village, there is a container building used as a dormitory, which can reach seven or eight floors, which is an innovation in container building technology.

I believe that with the continuous deepening of people's understanding of container construction and the improvement of relevant laws and regulations, more and more container buildings will appear around us.

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