Cold Weather Warm People's Heart


Time flies. Unconsciously, 2020 has become the past. In the Chinese lunar calendar, it is only one week away from the 2021 lunar year. The Spring Festival heralds the arrival of the year of misery and ugliness in 2021.

However, the global epidemic of new-type pneumonia is accelerating, and China also presents a state of local outbreaks and sporadic distribution. In order to prevent the spread of the epidemic, all localities appeal to migrant workers not to return to their hometown unless necessary, and to spend the Chinese New Year in migrant places. In order to fight against the epidemic, we encourage our employees to stay in Shanghai for the new year.

In order to make the employees who stay in Shanghai and can't go home for the new year have a warm new year and feel the strong flavor of the new year, director Li of Haisheng trade union prepared a welcome activity for them to send warmth to them.

Niu Sui Fu Lin - Spring Festival couplets

Spring Festival couplets are indispensable for the Chinese New Year. The trade union will send them to the left behind employees to add a warm atmosphere to the festival and bless everyone with peace and happiness in the new year.

Good luck - Spring Festival gift package

In the severe epidemic situation, we actively respond to the call of the state, do not have to have dinner together, and give each employee a 100 year old gift package to make everyone happy and healthy.

Full of vigour - keep fit

We hope you can eat and drink in the festival at the same time, strengthen your body, improve immunity, China refueling!

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